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MONEER - Public Speaking Client

“I was delighted to meet with Emily and discuss with her my upcoming presentation on the 51 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Emily provided me with tips and strategies to improve my public speaking and presenting which I found very useful and practical. Emily went even further by kindly offering to review my presentation slides and even gave me an opportunity to practice my talk. She also sent me material to help me prepare for this important talk. I’d like to thank Emily for her help and support and wish her all the best for her coaching career.”

LYDIA - Public Speaking Client

“Emily has an amazing, calming and natural talent to help people prepare for presentations, storytelling and ant talk them may wish to pursue. I had the pleasure of her help recently on a previous presentation and her advice was invaluable.


Emily doesn’t need to understand all your content but she helps you focus on flow, your story and what outcomes you want to leave your audience. Looking forward to working with her again!”

YISHAN - 90-Day 1:1 Coaching Client

“While I had some prior experience with public speaking, I had never spoken to an audience at a major security conference.


Practicing the entire talk helped me understand what a “good” presentation might feel like on the day and what I was looking to accomplish. Emily also gave tangible feedback on everything from tone of voice to slide layouts. Instead of feeling worried about mistakes or things I should have said during my talk, I left the room and the conference feeling confident in my performance.

JAMES - Black Hat USA Conference Coaching

“Emily helped me get stage ready for an international speaking opportunity by sharing her expertise on how to plan the structure, content and open/close with a strong finish.


Emily understood very quickly what I was trying to convey in my talk and made really great suggestions that helped me achieve greater impact. Thanks to Emily, I went from wondering how I was going to do it, to feeling confident with my message!”

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