JOHN - Chief Information Security Officer

"The art of storytelling is a critical skill for effective stakeholder engagement.


I asked Emily to weave her magic with my students at Swinburne Uni. She received a unanimous vote of thanks for her tips on structuring and delivering stories that influence or change behaviour."r.

ILIA - Client Services Manager

"Emily is full of energy and very passionate about storytelling.


Our leadership team has definitely benefited from the practical storytelling workshop and we are now more confident articulating our vision and bringing our people on the journey with us."

STEPHANIE - Production Services Head

"Emily was absolutely brilliant in helping me craft my signature talk for ICT4Women in Vic.


She transformed me from a nervous wreck with a 5 slide presentation, to a confident presenter, aligned with my story and message, able to speak with authority, truly inspiring and moving the dial for other women.


Since then I have had further speaking requests both to groups and on podcasts.

KEN - Practise Manager

"It was great to see the techies getting excited about telling security stories with the frameworks Emily taught.


I know the soft skills will benefit all the attendees a long way in both their careers and lives!"

Helping you become a more interesting presenter and learn to enjoy it!

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