My 1:1 coaching is perfect if you’d like to work with someone privately and want tailored support to improve your public speaking.


I get to really understand your speaking history and what you’re trying to achieve, in order to make that happen together!



This package has been specifically designed by me to turn you into an engaging and confident public speaker. I teach you industry-based approaches and work closely with you, to put it into practice with a presentation you have coming up.



This package is for you if you:

  • Dread public speaking or get nervous presenting to large groups
  • Lack confidence in your delivery and what you have to say
  • Feel like your presentations are a bit dry
  • Over-use PowerPoint but don’t know how else to remember what you’ll say
  • Are time poor and would like something which will accelerate your skills
  • Would like personalised support for a talk at an upcoming event / conference


After going through this package, you will:

  • Know how to design and structure a talk that your audience will see real value in
  • Be able to make complex information easier to understand and remember
  • Know how to make a talk more interesting and engaging for your audience
  • Be able to open and close your presentation in a compelling and captivating way
  • Know your speaker strengths and what areas to focus on for the biggest gains
  • Understand the common mistakes you may be making, which kill engagement
  • Be able to drastically increase the retention of your talk, using the power of stories
  • Be more confident and know how to gain control over your nerves when presenting
  • Transform the way you approach presenting and the way you present, for good

The recommended structure is as follows, however we can tailor these accordingly:


Session 1 | Speaking History, Goals & Baseline Video. Talk Objective.

Session 2 | Structuring a Presentation. Creative Openings & Closings.

Session 3 | Storytelling. Analogies. Storyboarding your talk.

Session 4 | Vocal Variety. Body Language. Practise. Handling Nerves.

Session 5 | Presentation Run Through #1. Visual Aids.

Session 6 | Presentation Run Through #2. Final Feedback.

Session 7 | Continued Development. Open Slate!


This package includes:

  • 6 x Private Coaching Sessions up to 90mins in length, via Zoom
  • 6 x Guides / Templates
  • 2 x Videos of You Presenting
  • 2 x Speaker Strength Assessments
  • UNLIMITED | 'What's App' support in-between sessions
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS | The Power of Stories
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS | How to become a storyteller
  • BONUS TEMPLATE | How to build your very own storyfile to become an everyday storyteller
  • BONUS TEMPLATE | 30 Scenarios to drastically increase how often you tell stories


Pricing – $2,250 +GST (Value $4,500+)




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This allows you an opportunity to achieve transformation in a specific area you're looking to improve, across 3 x 1hr sessions. 


These sessions are ideal if you:

  • Have a talk coming up that you want help with
  • Need assistance in a shorter time-frame than 90-Days
  • You have specific aspect(s) you want assistance with

What we cover in these sessions is completely up to you. You decide what you’d like to discuss in each session.


Pricing - $845 +GST

JAMES - Black Hat USA Conference Coaching

“While I had some prior experience with public speaking, I had never spoken to an audience at a major security conference. Practicing the entire talk helped me understand what a “good” presentation might feel like on the day and what I was looking to accomplish.


Emily also gave tangible feedback on everything from tone of voice to slide layouts. Instead of feeling worried about mistakes or things I should have said during my talk, I left the room and the conference feeling confident in my performance.


Even now, when talking about my research with colleagues and members of the press, my discussions with Emily on how to word and explain what I did have proved immensely valuable in developing a concrete and clear narrative that I can give to any audience – be it one person or hundreds.”

YASMIN - 90-Day 1:1 Coaching Client

"Before Emily's coaching, I was really struggling with every aspect of public speaking. Some bad experiences in the past had rocked my confidence and I had no real plan for how to grow in this space. I was lost. 


Now, I feel like my approach to talking publicly is completely different. There is structure, I’m not alone and I have a set of tools I can use to help me through. 


The 90-Day Program is one of the best investments you can make for your personal development. For anyone wanting to grow their skills in this space, it’s well worth it. A game changer!"

MARIA - 90-Day 1:1 Coaching Package

“I was invited to present to 70+ technology executives at Australian CIO Summit on gender diversity in ICT sector. I wanted to be prepared very well and incorporate my personal experience into the speech by using storytelling techniques.


Emily was amazing! She helped me to structure the speech, find supporting statistics as well as bring the whole speech together. Emily gave great advice on visuals and feedback on my tone of voice and body position. I was fully prepared, felt very empowered and much more confident to present in front of senior leaders and executives, who mostly were men. After my presentation, I received a lot of positive feedback and other professional opportunities.”

YISHAN - 1:1 Coaching Client

“Emily helped me get stage ready for an international speaking opportunity by sharing her expertise on how to plan the structure, content and open/close with a strong finish.


Emily understood very quickly what I was trying to convey in my talk and made really great suggestions that helped me achieve greater impact. Thanks to Emily, I went from wondering how I was going to do it, to feeling confident with my message!”

Helping you become a more interesting presenter and actually enjoy it!

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